Getting The Wiggles Out — The Wildwood Way

This week I peeked in on an elementary classroom that made me wish I was a 3rd grader again.  Our elementary Physical Education team—Tyler Williams, Hasan Muhammad, and Darren Pasco—transformed The Commons into a massive indoor obstacle course. Students ran, hopped, rolled, and crawled their way through the elaborate set-up, all the while dodging soft fluff balls lobbed at them by their classmates.

Screaming with delight to the amplified sounds of kid-friendly dance music, our 3rd graders were having fun and practicing essential PE and life skills.

“The main point of the obstacle course,” says Tyler, “is to improve agility, balance and strength. It also provides an opportunity to revisit throwing techniques.”  Tyler says he and his colleagues carefully designed the course to require crawling and rolling, because “Crawling is a great full body strength building exercise, while rolling is a wonderful way for students to work on their balance.” While they’re having fun, this activity also gives students ample opportunities to practice the Life Skill of Cooperation, as the game requires one group of student retrievers to collect the fluff balls that were thrown on the course back into the buckets of their peers who were throwing them.

It’s not the same as being there, but check out the video clips below, and have some fun!

Special thanks to Tyler Williams for the great footage.

~ By Steve Barrett, Director of Outreach, Teaching, and Learning.

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